Board of Directors

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Fundraising
    •  Volunteer to help with one of Join the team of tireless volunteers who sponsor a variety of events and activities to help BLIMP’s financial well being. See the events page for the type of events that might interest you.
    • Contact Person: Linny Seaver
  • Net Cleaning
    • Volunteer for 1 day during the summer to help clean the nets at the head of the lake, designed to catch milfoil from entering Balch.
    • Every week of the summer a net at the mouth of the river on the northwest corner of the lake needs to be cleaned. Each of our 12 associations takes a week.
    • Contact: Your association representative
    • Each of the lake associations finds a volunteer to clean the net at least once a week. We can always use more help.
  • On-water DASH assistance
    • Although we use professional divers in the water we are always looking for people to assist with spring/fall setup including dock & DASH boat. We are also looking for people who would like to be trained as DASH “crew members”.
    • Contact: Kathleen Lisbon
  • Leadership
    • We are always looking for board members or volunteers to help with the diving operations.
    • Contact Sue Jackman.
  • Data entry
    • There are several areas where data entry are necessary. Each require a good comfort level with Excel spreadsheet.
    • Contact: Sue Jackman