Balch Lake Improvement Association

Balch Lake Improvement Association

Keeping our lake healthy



Balch Lake Improvement Committee (BLIMP) is a non-profit group organized to educate residents about, and raise money for issues affecting the health and welfare of Balch Lake.

Board of Directors


Sue Jackman, President
Kathleen Lisbon, Vice President
Ed Suleski, Treasurer
Denise Bowden, Secretary
John Castellot, Science Committee
Donna Lefebvre, Communications & Fundraising


Lee Wilson
Dennis Racine
Michael Kattman

Tom Eichner, DASH Coordinator 
Jack McAdam, Webmaster


Balch Hill Road
Balch Pond Acres
Jennifer Lane
Balch Lake Owners Association (Lakewood Dr.)
The Ridge
Shady Nook
Shepards Island
Whitehouse Road
Wise Cove
Wyman Point Road Association

BLIMP Website Historical Data Points

  • 1999 – Invasive variable milfoil found in the river near Stump Pond and by the eastern dam off Carlson’s point by Nick Stadtfeld and Lee Willson. Lee had read an article about variable milfoil in Lake Arrowhead leading them to start looking in Balch
  • 2000 – One day dive by a commercial diver recommended by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. The expensive day’s dive ($85/hr. including drivetime to/from Balch) results in 2-3 fifty gallon barrels
  • 2001 – First volunteer dive using Nick’s whaler to transport the pulled milfoil to shore. Dive operations continued with volunteer divers, boat captains, and kayakers until 2012
  • 2002 – relationship with New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NH-DES) begins including the following actions: ◦ Courtesy Boat Inspections began. The $3 fee per boat has never been increased ◦ The herbicide diquat was applied to portions of the NH section of the lake ◦ A net donated by NH-DES was placed at the mouth of the river where is enters Stump Pond. The net continues to be used with each association taking a turn cleaning it throughout the summer months
  • 2003 – BLIMP (Balch Lake Improvement Committee) was established and organized as a 501.c.3 non-profit corporation. Lee Willson is the first president with Nick Statdfelt as vice president.
  • 2004 – NH-DES awarded $ 10,000 (up to 50 % reimbursement of actual costs) in grant money for herbicide treatment. NH-DES grants have continued every year since although the amount and percentage have decreased.
  • 2004 – Michael Kattman becomes BLIMP’s treasurer, a position he still holds today
  • 2005- ME-DEP begins awarding Courtesy Boat Inspection funding
  • 2009 – NH herbicide treatment switched from Diquat to 2,4D
  • 2010 – A pontoon boat was donated to be modified into for DASH (Diver Assisted Suction Harvest) and by whom. Nick Stadtfeld and Dennis Racine begin converting from party to DASH boat.
  • 2010 – $10,000 – Wakefield donated to offset DASH boat modification costs
  • 2010 – DASH boat was put into service with volunteer crew
  • 2012 – DASH boat is staffed with professional paid divers. Steve Church, one of the original divers, has been on board every year since. Part of the success of this operation has been the generosity of camp owners allowing the divers a rent-free place to stay during DASH operations.
  • 2012 – Don Pierce becomes BLIMP’s 2nd President
  • Wakefield began annual BLIMP funding of $3,500,
  • 2013 – Acton began annual BLIMP funding of $5,000
  • 2014 – Newfield began annual BLIMP funding of $2,000
  • 2014 – ME-DEP begins awarding Plant Management funding
  • 2015- BLIMP’s first annual lake wide Association’s officers meeting
  • 2015 – Wakefield increased its annual BLIMP contribution to $5,000
  • 2016 – Wakefield increased its annual BLIMP contribution to $7,500
  • 2018 – Sue Jackman becomes BLIMP’s 3rd President
  • 2018 – record year with 22,325 lbs of invasive variable milfoil harvested
  • 2020 Kathleen Lisbon promoted to VP – operations
  • 2020 adoption of updated By-Laws